Fat Boy GBE40J Deluxe Banjo Gig Bag

only $56.46

Deering Deluxe Padded Open Back Banjo Gig Bag

only $109.99

Superior C-267 Trailpak II Openback Banjo Gig Bag

$44.95 $37.46

only $142.99

only $77.81

only $77.96

Stone Case Company STBag-5BJ Banjo Gig Bag

$15.81 $10.99

Fender Gretsch GGBR2 Broadkaster Banjo Padded Gig Bag

only $39.95

Superior C-269 Trailpak II 5-String Resonator Banjo Gig Bag

only $30.29

only $20.66

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About the banjo, The banjo was introduced to the USA by African slaves who used gourds and strings to fabricate an instrument which was similar to the ones that they had grown up within their own countries. Accordingly, the first instruments were called 'gourd banjos'.

Banjo straps are similar to guitar straps. They are worn over the shoulder and across the chest to keep the instrument steady and at a comfortable height. Most are adjustable between 40 and 52 inches and are adjusted by using one of two methods. The most popular is using a buckle with a sliding strap, similar to those on a backpack. A loop button method is also frequently used.

If you're buying a banjo for the first time, then you need to be very careful with what you purchase. Like guitars, banjos come with different features so it's important to get a model that can provide you with what you need. Purchasing a beginner banjo can be difficult. Most people start out feeling as though this is the musical instrument for them and it is sure to develop into a life long passion and talent. 

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